go to where you can breathe

2014, Reprise: 40 to the Fore, Arlington Arts Center, Arlington VA

2013-14, Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge Exhibition Series, Philadelphia PA

Go to where you can breathe is a functional interior design piece that hints at the sensibilities of exterior landscape. It is displayed as a domestic stage setting where two specific objects: divider “time-out” units and an inflatable sunset, are used to achieve the goal of family calm. I am interested in the way that home environment and arrangement shapes how we relate to one another. I am also curious about how adapting that space or introducing a new object can improve quality of life, both physically and emotionally.

Go to where you can breathe is a modular arrangement that transitions from a family common space to three separate seating units that share a common vantage point. In this instance, it is displayed in its final form, utilizing a video and still depiction to illustrate the progression of the piece, and enhance the content.


Studio sequence testing of the piece: